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When Helen and Christopher first meet, both recognize something they didn’t know they were missing. Christopher is calm and rational, listening far more than talking and reading others well, but a closed book about his own childhood after his father’s death. Helen is logical in her work as a journalist but ruled more by emotion; she is cautious in love but open about her thoughts and stable, traditional upbringing. Being together seems natural. They soon marry, and Christopher starts his own consulting boutique, which rapidly takes off. With their lives full of work trips and cocktail parties with Christopher’s upper-crust colleagues, they find life is passing quickly with no time for their marriage. Once a significant life event causes the relationship to unravel, they must choose to start over again together, or apart. Thornton (Charleston, 2014) writes compellingly of love, self-discovery, and what truly makes a marriage. This introspective read is character driven, with a strong sense of place in Helen and Christopher’s varied travels throughout.

—Stacy Shaw