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Select Praise for Margaret Bradham Thornton’s novel CHARLESTON

“The real femme fatale is the city itself, a place where the breeze in the laurel oak sounds ‘like a slow kind of applause…and the citizens speak with ‘dropped r’s that almost sound like English.’…[demonstrating] the lyricism and precision Thornton brings to her description of the region.”

The New York Times Book Review


“The seductions of her hometown – ‘sun, smell of pluff mud, sound of the tide going out’ – cast their spell – [a] refined romance… Thornton writes with characteristic elegance and restraint.”

Wall Street Journal


“All the pieces are in place for…a Southern romance novel, a book-club pick, a beach read. What Thornton delivers…has more in common with her Williams book – an obsessive and poetic scaffolding of details…stitching them together into something larger while leaving the pieces to speak for themselves…”

TheParis Review


“Highly visual… far more evocative than many books ever manage…[Charleston] brings together a love story and a nuanced depiction of Charleston, which occupies a peculiar wrinkle within Southern culture…familiar to anyone who has contemplated returning to their hometown, wondering if it’s a step back or…a move forward”

Minneapolis Star Tribune



About the author:

Margaret Bradham Thorntonis the author of Charlestonand the editor of Tennessee Williams’s Notebooks, for which she received the Bronze ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award in the Autobiography/Memoir Category and the C. Hugh Holman Prize for the best volume of southern literary scholarship published in 2006, given by the Society for the Study of Southern Literature. She is a graduate of Princeton University and lives in Florida.